CSE Plastics Technology
CSE Plastics has the technology to manufacture "Crumb" made from used agricultural bale wrap. This is done with a proprietary technology that allows the crumb to go directly from the processing stage to the injection molding stage, without washing or drying.. Bale wrap is made from Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) therefore, our crumb is LLDPE and because of our single stage process, our pricing is far below conventional pricing for reprocessed LLDPE and along with it, because of the various additives in bale wrap, our crumb also delivers to a finished product, UV stabilization, non-slip and anti-fungal and anti-mould properties.
Saving the problem at a time!
Raw used bale wrap
100% bale wrap Crumb
Clothes pegs injection molded from crumb
Credit card decks injection molded from 100% Crumb